Monday, June 18, 2007

No place like home

Well, we've have had a slight change in plans for the summer.

Instead of coming back to the States on July 25th, we'll be going home on July 7th. We're very excited to have some extra time to visit family and friends, so please be in touch. We'd love to see as many of you as we can.

(Extremely) tentative plans:

Arrive in Greenville July 7

Leave Greenville TBD (maybe August 7)

Head for Illinois

Head for Michigan August 18

Return to China August 28

If you don't have our contact information but would like to meet up with us during this time, please leave a comment, and we'll e-mail you. Also, please keep us in your thoughts these next few weeks as we teach our last two weeks of classes and then give and grade final exams.

Can't wait to see you!