Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I hate electronic translators: Part II

You might remember a previous post about this same problem, but recent student papers have made us remember our loathing of these little tools. What can we say, there's a reason that people still need to learn languages. But some of our students still need to learn this lesson....

From one student's research paper:

"Although collects the impression profound breadth, some regions have not represented, for example the watering can, in the Japanese sado's Ming time last stage and the cake tray the incense and candle box which does. Overall, [the topic] has some 7,000 Chinese artware--from Stone Age to the present--900 are just now bright the ceramics. Although collects makes the person impression profound breadth, certain domains have not sent representative to attend, if supplies the watering can, incense box and cake tray in latter Ming dynasty time Japanese sado."

Anyone want to guess her topic?